Wedding Style-What to Wear to an Evening Wedding

DSCN2827This is the 2nd in a series on what to wear to a wedding.  These posts were influenced by my attending an afternoon  Church wedding.  It was apparent they didn’t know what to put on themselves much less their children. We’ve talked about what to wear to an Afternoon Wedding

I photographed this gentleman because he was dressed up!  His smile said it all…He was there to celebrate and have fun.  Was it over the top for an afternoon wedding?  I say NO, was it necessary to dress up this much?  Again, I say NO, but the key here is that it WAS O.K. to wear a suit and dress up.

The biggest challenge dressing for a wedding comes not when the wedding is at 3 PM but as the day turns into evening.  What do you wear to an evening wedding?  One hopes that there is instruction on your invitation, letting the guests know if it is a 6:00 wedding the formality of it.  Again, we are talking about a Church Wedding.  It will be completely different for a “Destination” or “Beach” Wedding.

An evening wedding, one that is from 6PM on, is considered a more formal event and should require more formal attire.  I have been invited to a 6PM Formal Wedding and having spoken to the bride’s mother, I know that there will be many long gowns worn to this event.  Here are a few suggestions on your attire for an evening wedding:


Long or a short dress is o.k.  If you choose to wear a short dress, select a festive, perhaps a cocktail dress.  Dress it up with a wrap and very nice shoes and a clutch.  A cotton sundress is not going to cut it for this event no matter how you dress it up!  So grab a dress with great drape and a fabric that is beautiful on you.

It’s a bit more straightforward for you!  Your options are simple. Choose either a suit or a tuxedo.  If you don’t have a tuxedo, a black suit is certainly appropriate.

  • Note that a 2-button suit is more formal.
  • Wear a white shirt and a festive tie.
  • Polished LACE UP shoes and a smooth leather belt.
  • Your fashion missteps come in the way of bad shoe, belt, tie and pocket scarf selections, so choose wisely.
  • Never match your pocket scarf to your tie!  Always remember that the smoother the leather the more formal the look.  AND the narrower the sole on your shoe the more elegant the look.
  • Stay away from a rubber sole for this event.

If you will remember that it is about the Bride and Groom and dress for the occasion, you will:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

What to Wear to an Afternoon Wedding

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  1. Caitlin Baker says:

    isn’t it the happiest moment in our lives when we see the woman we love in a Pure white wedding dress?.:’~


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