Wedding Style-What to Wear to Afternoon Weddings

DSCN2803After my experience attending an afternoon wedding recently, I felt compelled to write about what is considered “wedding attire” or at the very least give you some suggestions so that you would be able to plan your outfit accordingly.  Hint, hint….it’s NOT JEANS AND TENNIS SHOES!

I attended a 3 pm church wedding in April recently and what I observed was all over the board. It was either party wear or weekend casual, hanging out wear. So here’s a note to the bride and groom:

  • If you care what your guests wear, please have a dress code on the invitation
  • Understand what a dress code means by today’s standards
  • If you don’t know what to suggest, please solicit the advice of a wedding planner

Here’s what to wear if there are no instructions on the invitation AND you will be attending an afternoon Church wedding. Minimally, please consider the following and remember that you’ll never go wrong dressing up:

  • Ladies, I suggest you wear a dress or skirt with a nice blouse (no denim please)
  • If you are going to wear sandals or shoes with no hosiery, please make sure that your toes are polished and feet groomed.
  • Make sure you have heels on your shoes and they are not worn off so you are clicking up the isle or sidewalk
  • Definitely NO FLIP-FLOPS to a Church Wedding
  • Carry a nice simple clutch and not your every day satchel

  • Gentlemen, I suggest you wear a pair of dress slacks or khakis (pressed please) a long sleeve dress shirt (ironed)
  • A sports coat is not required but a nice touch and doesn’t require a tie
  • If you wear a tie, please put a coat on with it
  • Shoes guys are just as important, even if you are not wearing a sports coat.  NO tennis, athletic or Docksiders please.  I’d like to see a polished loafer or lace up shoe to finish out your look.

It doesn’t have to be hard to get dressed for the wedding and you don’t always have to find something new.  Consider it a time for celebrating and “dress-up”.  You’ll find that dressing up will put you in a festive mood and you’ll actually have more fun!  You’ll let go a little knowing that you are dress just right for the occasion and you’ll:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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